Classes at Our Clinic

We started running Zoom classes during Covid and they have proven so popular that we now run a combination of clinic and Zoom classes due to the demand to keep the Zoom option.  Some will be in the clinic and others will attend the same class on Zoom.

If you wish to take up Pilates via a Zoom class and have never done it before, you can attend a 1-1 session in the clinic with one of our instructors and then continue the set of classes on Zoom.  For the other classes, we offer a free trial class which can be either in the clinic (subject to space) or on Zoom..

If you have signed up for a set of classes, you may do a second Zoom class in the same calendar week for only €5.

You will be sent the link to Zoom and then if you click on this a few minutes before your class is due to start, you will be put into a virtual waiting room.  When the instructor starts the class, you will be automatically brought into it.  Make sure that you have turned your audio and video on.  If there is likely to be a lot of background noise, it is advisable to mute yourself.  You can always unmute if you wish to ask a question.